Richmond employee in her office

Online Application

  • Ensure that your application including resume is submitted on or before the closing date of the competition
  • Carefully read all instructions for applying
  • Pre-screening questions may be asked regarding your alignment with the minimal qualifications for the position, recruiters will review all answers to ensure they are consistent with your resume
  • Cover letters are not required but can be helpful in providing an introduction to you, your skills and qualifications as well as your motivation
  • Be prepared to show proof of qualifications, including educational achievements, specific to the position
  • Review your application history to confirm that your application has been submitted
  • Ensure that you are legally entitled to work in Canada


  • Resumes can vary in length, generally from 1 to 3 pages and using the amount of space necessary to display your relevant experience and qualifications
  • Be sure your contact information is accurate and up to date including your email and phone number where you can be contacted. Don’t include personal information, such as your birthdate or marital status.
  • Review your resume and cover letter thoroughly to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes
  • We recommend reviewing the position requirements carefully and tailoring your resume accordingly; include all relevant experience and education related to the position this includes any professional
  • You do not need to provide references unless they are specifically requested.


  • If your interview is in-person carefully plan out knowing where you are going and how you will arrive on time.
  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your interview begins. If you are logging on to a virtual interview sign in only a couple of minutes before or follow the directions provided.

    Tip: It is a good idea to ensure you have run all updates on your device and restarted shortly before the start of a virtual interview.
  • Review our website, and social media channels to learn more about who we are, what we do, and what our values are.
  • Read the job posting and be prepared to show us how your knowledge, skills and abilities fit the position.
  • There will be some behavioural based questions, a technique you can use to respond to these questions is the STAR approach.

    Situation or Task – Set the scene. Tell us about the situation and the task you were given. Give specifics of what was required, when it happened, where it happened, and who was involved.

    Action – What did you do? What skills, behaviours, or characteristics did you exemplify? Focus on your contributions and how you helped achieve results.

    Result – What was the outcome?
  • Prepare questions about the position that you’d like to ask the hiring team.